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Portside Cape Town

Having broken ground at the end of August 2011, Portside has now been under construction for almost 10 months. Much work has been completed during this period. Over 35 000 cubic metres of earth has been excavated and removed from the site, with the basement levels, large double-volume atrium, and three floors of the main tower section having been completed already. At its current height, Portside already makes for an imposing addition to the Cape Town skyline. This week, an exciting move was made with the addition of the first glass panels to parts of the completed floors. These panels – of the Sunergy Azure brand to be specific – are less reflective than those of the Westin hotel, and allow for much natural light to make its way into the building. This also allows for wonderful, clear views from inside of the building.

There is still much work to be done on-site. The contractors are operating on an extremely tight schedule, with completion set for the end of next year (December 2013). The tallest crane on site sits at approximately 50 metres, meaning that Portside will rise to almost three times its height upon completion.

PORTSIDE INFORMATION: The tower will rise to 32 floors, which will be 142 metres tall including roof features. It will have space for over 1 300 cars, including over 200 racks for bicycles and showers for cyclists looking to freshen up before work. The services entrance will be located on Mechau Street, whilst the ground floor of the Bree, Hans Strijdom and Buitengracht sections of the building will host small to medium sized retail premises. The developers are also aiming for a 4-star Green Star rating at the very least, with the possibility of this being pushed into the 5-star category as the final design is still under development.


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