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IntelliBUILD was established in 2001 to offer an unique estimating and project coordination service to the building and construction industry in South-Africa. IntelliBUILD is staffed by an enthusiastic team with many years of practical experience in the building industry and our aim is to provide the very best in estimating and project planning, management and administration at an affordable price.

In South Africa, our service is quickly becoming the industry standard and because of this, numerous building contractors, project managers, architect’s and building material suppliers rely on us when tendering on projects. We have a complete range of options from trade estimates suitable for sub-contractors, smaller builders and owner builders, through to detailed project estimates for large commercial construction companies and Architect’s.

Computers serve as a solace for the Complex mathematical calculations being an essential part of the building cost estimating process. For this, advanced mathematical techniques are used by the cost estimators of IntelliBUILD. Though computers are not the only solution but they can clearly relieve our estimators from the time-consuming complex calculations involved with building cost estimating and the compilation of bills of quantity. The latest digital cost estimating software available in the market is employed by IntelliBUILD to ensure accuracy and efficiency, integrated with our own processing software that allows us to produce our estimate reports at industry leading accuracy levels and highly competitive rates.

Presenting an accurate forecast of the scope, cost and duration of building projects is most vital for the successful completion of any construction project within the allowable time and budget constraints. In the building industry there are a number of factors that influence costs such as design, type of materials, labour, location of the project, equipment requirements and construction time required to complete a project. After analysing various preliminary drawings and project specifications, the IntelliBUILD estimator does a digital take-off of the relevant dimensions from the design drawings, processes the measurements and quantities in DTS and then compiles the project estimate report and Bill of Quantities for the proposed project.

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