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These upcoming Dubai projects will redefine the city’s skyline

Dubai Lighthouse? Dubai Creek Tower? Dubai Steps? Some wow-worthy buildings are on the way… So many exciting projects are announced in Dubai each year, it’s hard to keep up with what’s still to come. But we’re hear to remind you that some pretty wow-worthy structures are still under construction. Whether it’s Dubai Lighthouse, which will […]

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Modern kitchen countertops: Sleek, natural and low maintenance

Granite and engineered stone have long been the material of choice for countertops, but as trends have begun to demand a cleaner, sleeker look, there has been a need for a hardwearing surfacing material similar to stone, but in a thinner format. Once successfully installed, sintered surfacing is very low maintenance. No sealing is required, […]

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Ennead Designs New Nature Reserve and Public Aquarium in China

Ennead Architects has won the international design competition to design the new Shanghai Yangtze River Estuary Nature Preserve in China. Located on an island at the mouth of the Yangtze River, the design was made to raise public awareness around the impact of pollution and construction. The nature reserve aims to rescue critically endangered species and restore biodiversity while allowing […]

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While load shedding has left South Africans in the dark, it has had a positive effect on major retailers in South Africa. Retailers such as Makro and Builders Warehouse say that their generator stock is completely depleted. Pick ‘n Pay’s Janine Caradonna says they still have stock but are working closely with suppliers to get more generators, […]

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Last week, the country was plunged into hours of darkness as Eskom battled to sort out issues with generating units at some stations. Eskom is optimistic about energy supply this week, saying that the outlook looks favourable, with plants performing better than last week. The power utility doesn’t expect to implement load shedding. Last week, the country […]

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