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  • Purchasing a plot of land and building your own home takes a great deal of planning and commitment.
  • Most people will fall into the trap of borrowing to little or too much money, because they do not realize the true costs from the start.
  • Intellibuild can be your partner through the whole building process assisting you and keeping you on track from the very start. You will be able to plan and refine your budget with ease of mind, knowing how much things will cost and the correct quantities to order.
  • Our Building Cost Estimate will provide accurate prices for materials, labour, site expenses and equipment which will provide you with valuable information pertaining to the true Building Cost of your planned project.
  • Make an informed decision when purchasing materials or contracting a builder for the construction of your project, by making use of our BOQ (Bill of Quantities) the Owner Builder can obtain competitive tenders from suppliers or conclude efficient negotiations with contractors.
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