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  • The project manager’s role within the building project is to plan, execute, monitor, control and complete the project within agreed time, cost and quality constraints. These responsibilities are usually divided in to 3 phases
  1. Pre-Construction/Procurement Stage
  2. Construction Stage
  3. Post Construction Stage
  • The most demanding aspect of any building project is the day to day management, the ability and professional skill that is involved in bringing tradesmen and materials together whilst keeping a close eye on the progress and finance is paramount to the successful completion, within budget of all projects.
  • IntelliBUILD can assist you with professional cost reports, cash flow projections, construction program and interim progress claims for all your projects. By outsourcing some of the admin duties you can focus on project completion.
  • Our assisting roles include:
    – Pre-Acquisition Appraisals and tender validation
    – Cost Estimating
    – Cost Control and Reporting
    – Programming of Construction Works
    – Progress claims and certification
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